Monday, December 3, 2012

Baking Tip

Here is a tip on how to stretch your holiday baking just a little bit further:  make your cookies/bars smaller. 

Revolutionary, I know.

But in all seriousness, if you cut a pan of bars to make 24 bars, they will be larger and your guests will probably take one.  If you cut your pan of bars to make 48 bars, they will be half the size, but your guests will probably still take one!  Many times with something sweet, you don't actually need a large sampling of it, especially when there are other desserts (and there always are around the holidays)! 

So, if you have a cookie swap to attend, just make your cookies a little smaller and you'll get more out of one recipe. 

If you have to bring a dessert to two different parties, make your cookies smaller, bring half to the first party, and half to the second (freezing the superflulous cookies if there is a long time in between parties). 

See where I'm going here?  You can save yourself time, and most certainly money, by making your cookies a little bit smaller.  No one will notice except your wallet! 

And if you are usually someone who buys the pre-made cookie dough, can I encourage you to try and make the same cookies from scratch instead?  It's cheaper, you'll be able to make more cookies and it's certainly easier to make the cookies a smaller size from your scratch dough, then from pre-formed dough.  I'll be doing a whole post later about cost comparison between home made dough and store bought dough.

Happy baking!  We made sugar cookies this weekend at our house (and I did make them a tiny bit thinner and used smaller cookie cutters to make my cookies go further!) 

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