Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stretching Your Child's Wardrobe: Gymboree Outlet

As I was going through my big pile of kids clothes to consign, I realized that some of my sons pants (from Gymboree) from last winter still fit him. I was excited that I didn't have to buy as many outfits for this winter, only... They didn't have the matching tops. 

Then this morning I had this brilliant (if I do say so myself!) epiphany - the Gymboree outlet sells last seasons clothes!  So off I went to the outlet and guess what!  I got the two tops I needed to complete these outfits!  Two tops for $11!  Two complete outfits for $11!  

The pants were an end of season clearance find earlier in the year but didn't have a top. Found the matching top at the Gymboree outlet for $6!

These pants my son wore a ton last winter and they still fit!  But the shirt didn't. I found the exact same shirt he had last winter in a bigger size for only $5!

I will note that the prices at the Gymboree outlet aren't always this low. Since it's a holiday weekend, they had a big sale and the whole store was 50% off.  

So if you have pieces from last seasons outfits that still fit your children, don't dismiss them!  Try the Gymboree outlet to complete your outfit for much cheaper than buying a whole new outfit!

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