Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ebates: Get Paid to Shop Online

If you aren't familiar with Ebates, it is a website that actually pays you to shop online! Once you sign up, you go to Ebates and then type in name of the store you are going to shop at. Ebates will bring up the store name and a percentage that they'll give you back on your order from that store. The percentage will vary from store to store.

Just today I bought a Christmas present and went through Ebates. The total of my order was $51.21 and Ebates was giving 6% back. So I'm getting just over $3 back just because I went through Ebates!

Ebates sends out their "Big Fat Checks" once per quarter as long as you've accumulated $5.01 or more in your account. If you don't have the $5.01 minimum, they will just roll that money over to the next quarter for you. There have been quarters where I don't shop online much, so they just roll over my amount in to the next quarter. It's very easy to use!

You're going to spend the money online anyways, you may as well get some money back on your orders! So sign up with Ebates today and start earning cash back on your online purchases!

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