Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Clearance for Stocking Stuffers

I was in Target recently and they had a lot of alternate options to handing out candy for Halloween.  A few things that I saw were:

- Small containers of Play-Doh (a pack of about 12)
- Squinkies
- Lego packets

None of the items I listed above were halloween-themed, so they could easily be used as stocking stuffers.  So keep an eye on your Halloween clearance at Target (and probably Walmart too) for little items that aren't Halloween-specific that could be used for stocking stuffers.

Also, candy could be used as stocking stuffers as well.  Most Halloween candy comes in a large bag that may be Halloween-themed, but inside are individually wrapped, generic candy.  Keep that in mind as you're looking through the clearance.

Right now Play-Doh is offering a $1.50/1 coupon for those Halloween packs.  The coupon expires on 11/3, so you may be able to combine the coupon with clearance.  If not, I believe they were $4.99, so they would be $3.49 after coupon.

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