Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why You Should Never Buy Themed Cupcake Liners

Yes, I'm going to devote an entire blog post to cupcake liners, but my point can be applied to all paper goods.

I once went to a birthday party in the middle of the summer where the cupcakes served had "Merry Christmas" wrappers on them. And no, it wasn't a Christmas in July party! I get that the host was just trying to use the supplies she had on hand, and I respect that, but Merry Christmas at a summer birthday party? It just doesn't fit.

This little story leads me in to why you should never by themed cupcake liners:

When you buy cupcake liners, you never end up using all the liners in the package, so you have a lot left over. What do you do with all those left over liners? Make 60 more cupcakes? Probably not. Save them for the same holiday next year, sure, but now you have cupcake liners that only serve one purpose. So when you go to bake birthday cupcakes, you'll be stuck buying more cupcake liners! And yes, cupcake liners probably won't land you in the poor house, but if you are trying to pull off a party or holiday for as little money as possible, saving a few dollars on the cupcake liners could make a difference!

So here's what you do instead:

- Buy polka dots

- Buy plaid

- Buy Gingham

- Buy solid

- Buy stripes

All of these can be used over again (just a caution on the plaid and stripes - make sure they are not specific to one holiday).

Here's an example:

For my daughter's 2nd birthday I threw a Candy Shoppe themed party. I bought these great polka dot cupcake liners in four different vibrant colors. They are adorable! Here's all the times I've used them:

1. For the aforementioned 2nd birthday party

2. The pink ones were used again on Valentine's Day

3. The green ones were used on St. Patrick's Day

4. The pink ones were used again for her 3rd birthday party (a pink Minnie Mouse theme)

5. The pink ones were again used for her 4th birthday party (a princess theme)

6. The blue and purple ones have been used on occasion as well for random times that we make cupcakes, where color doesn't matter

Now apply this theory to all of your paper goods and you'll soon have a wonderful supply of paper goods that can be used for multiple holidays, thus saving you on having to go out and buy new paper goods for every event you host!

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