Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why I Love Carters

I read a lot of blogs about couponing and frugal living. I've read, on more than one occasion, that the way to save money on your children's clothing is to shop at consignment stores. I know that prices vary across the country, but I can tell you that the consignment stores in CT aren't cheap!

What I have found is that when you hit a good sale, paired with a coupon (there's always a coupon) at Carters, you can get brand new clothes for less than what you'd pay at the consigment store!

I love Carters!

And I love Carters not only for their great sale prices, but also because it keeps little kids clothes looking like little kids clothes. So many stores make adult clothes for little kids - especially for girls. So I love that Carters keeps the clothing age-appropriate.

Tonight I did a little shopping at Carters and boy did I do well! I bought the above three pieces of clothes for my son. Each outfit was only $5.59!

I then bought these Halloween pajamas for my daughter. I know they are Halloween, but since they are pajamas, she can wear them long after Halloween. And they have a tutu - need I say more?!

These were only $5.85! (PS - all Halloween stuff is currently 70% off. They didn't have a ton left, mostly pajamas, but if you're near a Carters, it may be worth checking out).

So that is my tip for the day - if you're looking for affordable, age-appropriate clothes for your children, head to Carters. And don't forget to bring a coupon!

If you do regularly buy children's clothing, I would recommend signing up for emails from Carters. They regularly send coupons via email. And you don't even have to print them off if you have a smartphone. Just bring up the coupon on your phone and read the cashier the numbers in the barcode and they will take the coupon off your purchase.

Also, right now (through 10/31), they are offering 25% off a $50 purchase or 15% off any purchase - just go to their website and print out the coupon (at the top in pink).

And... through the end of the year, every time you spend $50, they will give you a coupon at the bottom of your receipt for $10 off a $10 purchase! So if you buy a $10 item with the coupon, it's free!  You can also collect them and stack them together. The coupon starts the day after your purchase and runs through the end of the year. I earned one tonight, so I will be returning to find something for free or almost free!

Carters didn't sponsor this post at all - I just really do love shopping there and thought I'd share!

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