Sunday, October 21, 2012

Start Taking Christmas Card Photos Now

Now is the time to start taking your Christmas card photos.  I had decided that I was going to start the first weekend in October taking pictures of my kids each weekend to try and capture at least one photo that would work for a Christmas card.  What do I get for my efforts?  I forgot to turn the flash on that first weekend, so I got pictures like this:

A really cute picture, but completely dark!  Oh well.  Of course, once I put the flash on, my participants were no longer willing to cooperate!  But I keep snapping away in hopes of getting a good shot to use!

The reason you should start now is because you want to have a picture (or pictures) ready to go when the Christmas card deals start popping up.  Last year the best deal of the season came up in the beginning of November.  Thanks to a freaky October snow storm, I had a great picture on hand to snag Christmas cards for 90% off!  Through I was able to get 50 photo cards for under $11!

So start snapping away now so you're ready when I post a great card deal!

Last year's Christmas card photo

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