Thursday, October 25, 2012

I've Made My Budget - Now Help Me Save!

So you've made your holiday budget and you're looking at the final numbers a little nervous about how you're going to do it all, right? If this is the first time you've ever put all the expenses of the holidays down on paper, it can be a little scary! The good news is that you are way ahead of most people - you have a budget for the holidays. The really good news is also that you have Holidays for Less to help you afford more this holiday season on less!

Here are some tips on how to make your money stretch a little further this holiday season:

1.      Keep an open mind. Be willing to try new ideas, new products, new ways of approaching things.

2.      While you've written down ideas of gifts for the people on your list, don't be married to those ideas. Be flexible. You may see a great deal posted for a product that would be perfect for someone on your list, but you would have never thought of it before!

3.      Cut corners where you can (there will be a more detailed post coming on this soon), where your family and friends won't even notice.

4.      Remember that a great deal is only a great deal if you truly need it. If you have no use for an item, even if it's a phenomenal price, it's no longer a great deal!

5.      Follow Holidays for Less for all the latest tips, tricks, ideas and deals!

a.       Also check out a few of my very favorite money saving blogs that focus on all the grocery store and drug store deals:





b.      I won’t be able to post every single deal out there, but if you check these ladies blogs, you’ll catch even more deals!

And remember, above all else, the holidays are a time to enjoy your family and friends, to make new memories and to honor traditions!  All the “stuff” that comes along with the holidays is second to the time you’ll be spending with those you love!

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