Wednesday, November 14, 2012

140 Return Address Labels for Under $4 Shipped!

On top of the 6 free items from VistaPrint that I told you about last night, they are also offering free return address labels - just pay shipping!

If you aren't ordering your holiday cards through Cardstore and having them send your cards for you, these would be great labels for your holiday cards.  I made some with little Santa's on them a few years ago and they are adorable!

Other ideas for the labels:
- A house-warming gift
- Labels on school supplies
- Labels on toys
- Gift tags (make them to say "Merry Christmas!  Love, Katie")

You don't just have to put your address on them, so get creative!

If you haven't yet ordered your Christmas cards through Cardstore, I really would encourage you to think about it.  They will send them out for you (and pay your postage!), so you don't need to worry about address labels! 

Thank you, My Litter!

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