Saturday, November 17, 2012

70% Off Holiday Cards at Cardstore Again!

So I'm starting to see a pattern here with Cardstore - a few days of 70% off, a one day sale then back to the 70% off.  Not that I'm complaining - their 70% off deal is pretty awesome!  And it's back!  You can get 70% off your holiday cards at Cardstore through 11/20/12.
And to make Cardstore even more awesome, if you put your addresses in, Cardstore will send your cards out for you and they'll even pay your postage!  That's another huge savings!
I used Cardstore for my holiday cards last year and I was really pleased with their quality.  I also received a few in the mail recently from a one-day promotion they had a few weeks ago and again, I'm really impressed with their quality!
Just click on the picture above to get started!

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