Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who Do You Send Holiday Cards To?

Holiday cards are expensive for three reasons:
  1. The cards themselves are expensive
  2. The postage is expensive
  3. The sheer number of cards you send out makes this ritual really expensive!
Here's how you can cut down on those costs:
  1. Take advantage of the deals I post here on the blog (maybe check out this Cardstore post)
  2. Take advantage of the Cardstore deal and have them send your cards out for you - they pay your postage!
  3. Now what to do about how many cards to send out... personally, I send to certain family and then to friends that sent to us last year.  Either keep your cards from last year and use that as your list as you're doing this year's cards.  Or as you're packing up your holiday decorations at the end of the year, make a quick list of everyone you received a card from this year.  This will be your holiday card list for the following year.  My mom taught me this trick years ago and it really does help to cut down on the number of cards you need to send.
Thank you, Staci, for reminding me of this great tip!

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