Sunday, November 11, 2012

Entertaining for Less: Shop at Big Box Stores (BJ's, Costco, etc) for Your Baking Supplies

Have you ever bought your baking supplies at BJ's, Costco or Sams Club?  Honestly, I had never thought about it until a few months ago, and boy was I happy with what I found!  Most baking supplies were cheaper at BJ's than they were at the grocery store! 
Here's a list of the cost of baking supplies at my BJ's (prices may vary by region, but these should be pretty close to what you'll find):
  1. Peanut butter:  $10.49 for (2) 40oz jars = $2.10 per 16oz jar (this is a fabulous price!)
  2. Pam spray:  $6.99 for (2) 12oz cans = $3.50/12oz can
  3. Gold Medal Flour:  $4.99 for 10lbs = $0.50/lb
  4. Yeast:  $4.49 for 2lbs = $2.25/lb or $0.14/oz
  5. Domino Sugar:  $5.49 for 10lbs = $0.55/lb
  6. Confectioners Sugar:  $3.19 for 4lbs = $0.80/lb
  7. Brown Sugar:  $3.19 for 4lbs = $0.80/lb
These are all very good prices for these baking supplies.  If nothing else, use these prices as a comparison when you're shopping.  There is absolutely a chance that during this big baking season you'll find a better price at your local grocery store.  At least by using this list as a comparison, you'll know that you're getting a good deal! 
A note on the peanut butter:  peanut butter keeps going up in price and now my "great" price at the grocery store is $2.50 or under for a 16oz jar.  So to be able to buy it for the equivalent of $2.10 per 16oz jar is wonderful!  Outside of a fantastic sale elsewhere, I will never buy peanut butter anywhere else!

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