Saturday, November 10, 2012

Using your Local Library to Save on the Holidays

I love my local library.  I bring the kids their frequently after school to play a little, pick out a book and pick out a movie.  It's new toys for my daughter to play with - free entertainment - and she gets to pick out a new book and movie to enjoy! 

Have you ever thought about using your local library as a resource to help you save money during the holidays?  Here's 5 ways you can use the resources at your library to save you money on your holiday fun:
  1. Holiday books - my library has a display in the children's area that rotates with the seasons.  Right now there are Thanksgiving, Hanukka and Christmas books out.  Bring your children to pick out new holiday books to read.
  2. Holiday movies - our library has a movie section in the children's department and they rotate in seasonal movies (Halloween, Christmas, etc).  Let your children pick out a holiday movie to enjoy!
  3. Cake pans - I'm not sure this will be found at every library, but my library lends out cake pans.  I think this is the coolest thing. They have a whole catalogue of their pans online (or at the library), so you can see if they have the pan you want before you go there.  I would just recommend washing yourself first before you use it, otherwise, I love this service!  If you want to make a fancy cake, there is no need to shell out the money to buy the pan yourself.  Check your library's website to see if they offer this.
  4. Cookie cutters - just like the cake pans above, I'm not sure if every library offers this.  My library does lend out cookie cutters as well.  They are all categorized by occasion and they have multiples of what I would guess were the more popular ones (Christmas, Easter, etc).  Just like with the cake pans, I would recommend washing these yourself first.  Definitely ask your library if they offer this.
  5. Children's events - my library puts out a calendar of events for children for each season.  Our calendar currently goes through the end of December and has fun holiday events around Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas.  All the events are free to attend, you just need to register ahead of time!
I would encourage you to check out the resources your library offers.  If they can save you from purchasing a cake pan, cookie cutters or new holiday books or movies, they could save you quite a bit of money!  I hope you find fun resources like mine provides!

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