Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cardstore: 75% Off Holiday Cards!

Black Friday! 75% off Holiday Cards & Invites + FREE Shipping at Cardstore, Use Coupon Code: CCN2175

If you haven't ordered your holiday cards yet, you have yet another chance with Cardstore!  Through Sunday, 11/25, they are offering 75% off their holiday cards.  If you haven't seen my other posts on Cardstore, it really is an amazing deal, and here's the biggest reason why:

If you put in your addresses and have Cardstore send your cards for you, they will stamp your cards for you... for free!  Free postage!

The majority of their cards start at $2.29, however, go down in price with the more you order.  But we'll use $2.29 as an example.  Your $2.29 is now only $0.57 per card!  AND... if you have Cardstore send your cards out for you, that $0.57 is your card AND postage!  Amazing!

Just click on the picture above to get started!  Use CCN2175 at check out.

I ordered my cards through Cardstore last year and I loved them.  I loved the card and I thought they were nice quality.  This year I've also ordered my cards through them and I'm even having them send them out for me - I mean, it's free postage!  It was really easy to do and didn't take long to enter all my addresses.  As long as Cardstore continues to offer these deals, I can't see myself getting cards from anywhere else!

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