Sunday, November 4, 2012

Entertaining for Less: Start Taking Inventory

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner?  If so, I encourage you to take 15 minutes this week to go through your cabinets to see what you already have on hand. 

Thanksgiving is pretty standard fare for most families, so creating a menu should be pretty easy.  There are obviously some items that you'll be serving that need to be purchased close to the big day, but there are items that you can purchase ahead of time.  Or, if you have them already - cross them off your list!

It's a waste of money to re-buy an item that you already have, so make sure you go through every cabinet in which you store food and compare it's contents to your menu list.  Mark which items you already have so you know not to buy  them again.

Once that step is done, I would encourage you to take that list with you for the next three weeks as you go grocery shopping.  The items being served at Thanksgiving will be going on sale from now until Thanksgiving, so you can start picking up some items ahead of time.  The cheaper you're able to get your ingredients for your meal, the better. 

Couponing blogs will start to highlight the deals on Thanksgiving fare soon, so if you have time, I would encourage you to regularly check at least two couponing blogs to see where the best deals are. 

I would recommend:

  • I Heart the Mart (all about Walmart - usually great prices)
  • Money Saving Mom (this link will bring you to her super-database of probably every grocery store out there)

If you're really organized, you can also plan out what desserts you'll be making and the ingredients in those desserts.  Again, figure out what you already have on hand and what you still need to purchase.

Taking a few minutes now to plan this out will help keep you sane as Thanksgiving gets closer and will hopefully save you some money by not re-buying something you already have and getting great sale prices!

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