Monday, November 26, 2012

Cardstore: $0.39 Holiday Cards - Today Only!

Cyber Monday Event! $0.39 Holiday Cards & Invitations + FREE Shipping at Cardstore, Use Coupon Code:

After all of their great deals so far this season, it is no surprise to me that Cardstore came through again today with a great deal for Cyber Monday!

Today only, you can get your holiday cards for only $0.39 each!  Plus, if you have them send your cards for you, they pay your postage!

So let's think about this... stamps are $0.45, so even if you got your holiday cards for free, but still had to send them yourself, you'd pay $0.45 per card.  Cardstore however, is offering an awesome card, mailed for you for only $0.39!  It's almost like you're making $0.06 on every card!

If you haven't made your holiday cards yet, this is definitely the deal to jump on!  I'm sure you have some great photos to use from the long holiday weekend!

Just click the picture above to get started making your cards!


  1. Katie, we missed this sale, but they still have a 70% off sale, which isn't too bad for someone like me who just took her Christmas pictures today! Do you know if they always have free postage? It says "free shipping" but free postage seems too good to be true!

  2. Sorry that came up as "Mrs. Poppalardo." I guess I'm signed in with my teacher account. :)

  3. Hi Angela! 70% off is when I bought my cards - still an awesome deal! And yes, they have the free postage all the time. They had it last year and I didn't take advantage of it. I made sure to take advantage of it this year! You just put in your addresses (it didn't take me long at all) and they mail them out for you - postage and all!