Monday, November 5, 2012

Taking Advantage of the Amazon Wish List Feature

I'm a big fan of shopping on Amazon and recently, my husband showed me how to use the wish list feature.  It's a wonderful feature! 

Above is a picture of a hair straightener that is on my wish list:).  My favorite feature of the wish list is that when your item goes on sale for a lower price - Amazon emails you. 

You can also make different wish lists.  So we have a generic one, one for my husband and one for myself.  The wish list came in handy for my husband's birthday - I just picked something off of his list and I knew I was getting him a gift he wanted!

Adding something to your wish list is very easy.  Once you've clicked on an item, instead of clicking on Add to Cart to buy it, just below you click on Add to Wish List.  If you just click the button, it adds your item to your generic wish list.  If you hit the little arrow on the Add to Wish List button, you can create new wish lists or add to a specific wish list.  Easy peasy.

So as you're shopping on Amazon and see things that you'd like, or that you'd like to purchase for a friend or family member, put it on your wish list.  This way you won't forget what you saw, you'll have a quick spot to compare the price if you see it somewhere else, and you'll get emailed when the price goes lower!

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