Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vistaprint: 6 Free Items - Just Pay Shipping

Vistaprint is offering 6 FREE products right now, you just pay shipping.  I just ordered all 6 of the FREE items and my shipping was $11.83.  So for $11.83, I got:

- 250 Business Cards (pictured above)
- 10 Holiday Cards
- Personalized Photo Calendar
- Personalized Mug
- Personalized Tote Bag
- Personalized T-Shirt

You can pick one or all of the free items, that's up to you.  Here are a few tips for you:

- For some reason whenever I picked a photo card, it charged me $2.75 for photo upload.  So I ended up just picking a card without a photo.
- The mug and tote bag have "vistaprint" printed on them in small printing, so that would be up to you if you want to use it as a gift.  I opted not to use the mug as a gift, but I am using the tote bag as a gift bag.
- I've seen on other blogs that their shipping was less.  Maybe it was the part of the country I'm in, I have no idea.  But I would venture to guess that your shipping wouldn't be any higher than mine.
- Always pick the slowest method of delivery, in my experience the products always come faster than advertised.
- I found the best way to order all 6 items was to click here, order your first item, put it in your cart, then come back to the blog and click here again to go back in, order the next item and so forth. 

If you don't have a need for business cards, one cute idea I've seen is to make "mommy cards" with your contact information to give to other moms to set up for play dates, etc. 

Don't forget to order through Ebates (I totally forgot!  Bummer!) to get 5% back.

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